Thursday, 14 November 2013

Baking Day

I had a lovely walk this morning. It was cloudy but not at all chilly. A Great Blue Heron landed not thirty feet away from me and stood looking so regal. Saw the Hummingbird that has decided to spend the winter here   ( or maybe another one just like the first one I saw a few days ago).

   In the afternoon I had lots of help baking. The Little Mister stirred the cranberry scone mixture and ate the dried cranberries before adding them but asked me to bake him a scone with none in it. Which I did.  The Big Mister, otherwise known as Dear Husband, grated the carrots for the carrot/pineapple muffins.

 The Banana Loaf is for a friend who isn't well. You can see I used parchment paper on the bottom of the pan. I wasn't taking any chances of  the loaf  not coming out in one piece.
Here are  my "new" pot holders that I bought at the thrift store. I think they're crocheted ( can you tell I don't know much about the difference between crochet and knitting?) The one that looks pink is actually Christmas red and the other a lovely green. They are very thick and took a couple of days to dry on the drying rack.
Here you can see the cuttings I took from my scented Geranium ( Citronella) before I threw it on the compost. It had grown so huge it blocked a good part of the South window. I hope the cuttings will root.
Have a great weekend!     Granny M.


  1. We woke up this morning to WINTER. Road closures and lots of snow - so a baking day sounds just wonderful. Those scones look delicious - do you make them with buttermilk?

    1. Snow!!! Inconvenient but I'll bet it's beautiful to see!
      About the scones, I just use ordinary milk ( plus an egg) for the liquid. We like them split and toasted and spread liberally with jam.

  2. Your baking looks delicious. I may have to rustle up a little something myself. Rainy days seems to go well with good aromas in the kitchen.

    Thank you for your recent visit; I'm sorry it took me so long to return the favour.