Sunday, 10 November 2013

Last of the Season

Sadly the season of garage sales is at its end. Yesterday there was exactly one and of course, I went. I found these treasures: 2 delightful teddy bears for my collection ( the larger one I have now dressed in a handmade ivory sweater obviously knitted for a premie. Sorry I forgot to take a pic. of that), a cute little rabbit ( it will no doubt appear in Spring as part of some vignette), a cinnamon candle in a jar, a full roll of wired ribbon, sparkly with autumn leaves on it, a small Santa which in a few weeks ( maybe less) you will see on display, and lastly a plastic pinwheel with maple leaves on it. That will be put out for July !st. So much fun for less than $6.00. So much fun for so cheap!! 
      Hope you are having an awesome day,      Granny Marigold

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