Sunday 17 November 2013

Time to start decorating for Christmas

It may seem early to set up the Christmas tree, especially to those who haven't had Thanksgiving yet. But the Canadian Thanksgiving being in October, by the middle of November many of us are so ready to go on to Christmas. SO the tree has been hauled out from storage, new lights bought, (how come they work, then you store them for 10 months, take them out and half of them no longer work?) and we're ready to make a start.  I will post pictures once we're done.


  1. We have a big celebration in town to turn the Christmas lights on (late in the evening on Thanksgiving) and for us that signals the beginning of the Christmas season. So we have a week and a half to go. After that, all the boxes will be hauled up from storage and the decorating will begin. :-)

  2. I'm looking forward to putting up our tree too. We usually do that on Dec 1 but sometimes I can't wait that long. I look forward to seeing pics of your decorations. Hope you have a great week my new friend!