Friday 15 April 2016

This Week

Let me show you a few of my thrifty purchases of the week....this heavy urn ( maybe made of plaster??) was a dollar. I couldn't believe my eyes! It has a hole in the bottom but that didn't prevent me from buying it, along with an assortment of pretty doilies that were .25 each.

I love cozy cardigans and wear them a lot since I tend to feel cold. I do like this bright  coral coloured one. Almost didn't try it on since it's a size small and I usually wear a medium or even a large. It doesn't pay to not check though because sizes are strange that way.

For years I've lamented that I couldn't get African Violets to rebloom. Oh they had lovely leaves but if they developed buds they were few and far between.  Somehow my luck changed and these three are proof of that.

This week in my kitchen.....nectarine jam. We must have gotten a real deal on nectarines last year because I rarely freeze any. In fact I suspect that although the bag was labeled nectarines I'm fairly sure it also held apricots.. In any case the jam is tasty!  One bag of fruit made 4 little jars plus the jam dish full.

A couple of over-ripe bananas that I didn't want to throw away led me to make this banana cake. I just happened to have cream cheese icing in the fridge too. YUM.

Well, those are some of the things that my week held. How about yours? 

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Granny M.


  1. Love it all! LOL The cardigan is so pretty. I like colors like that, and your violets look so pretty. Beautiful urn!! Whats not to like about any of it! Nancy

  2. Such great bargains the doilies in particular were a stunning find. The coral sweater is such a beautiful colour and really suits you. Have a great weekend.

  3. Love the color of the cardigan. I'm like you-I will wear a sweater in the middle of summer--I am just always cold.

    Love the flowers....and wish I could share in that banana cake!

  4. Great cardigan! I love them too. Your jam and banana cake look delicious.
    Lovely violets too. After Kim paid us a visit on Tuesday we are off to spend the weekend with her. Take care!

  5. You did find some pretty things! The coral cardigan looks really good on you. I had three ripe bananas yesterday too so I made a loaf of banana nut bread. Your cake looks delicious!

  6. You've been busy! I like your sweater
    What will you put in the urn?

  7. The cardigan is nice and bright for Spring! I find now I can generally just look at something and have a good idea if it will fit or not. I have clothes from xs to xl, all from the thrift store of course. Sizing is so bizarre.
    I kept a couple of my mum's African Violets, so we shall see if they rebloom. Your's look lovely. I'm not good at looking after potted plants.
    Funny, I just came across a couple of bags of nectarines in the freezer this morning. I made strawberry, black currant, and blueberry/cranberry jam yesterday. I thought I should go to the Abbotsford Market tomorrow, so I'm doing a lot of last minute rushing around. Was planning on making more jam today, but I've run out of time.
    Banana muffins made here this week:)

  8. The color of your new cardigan suits you to a tee.
    Whatever you're doing with those African Violets, keep doing it. They look great!
    Nectarine jam and banana cake. Yum!! Wish we were neighbors :).

  9. The cardigan is pretty. I went thrifting today but haven't taken any photos. I'm most excited about the garlic keeper and two books that I found. I've been collecting doilies too... my plan is to make some candle holders... someday! I can't believe how inexpensive they are!

  10. That cardigan does look cozy and I really like the color. Your African Violets brought back memories of my mom - she loved them! Chris