Monday, 14 July 2014

Banana Loaf

I was going to name this post 'What I did today'  or maybe 'This and That'  but I thought those would sound too boring . Banana Loaf is much likelier to attract someone. I did have bananas going soft and speckled and I did turn them into Banana Loaf, which we call Banana Bread around here.  Considering the heat you might wonder why I would use the oven but I find it doesn't make that much difference at the end of the day.  This way we have something delicious to munch on and while the oven is on I popped a chicken and rice casserole in for my men folk. Not being a carnivore myself I will have soup. Not just any soup. Soup made from the very first green beans from the garden. I had sowed Summer Savoury but none of that came up. Instead I have volunteers amid my flowers. I'm so glad they were not hoed out as weeds because I consider Summer Savoury essential to green bean soup.

One more thing that we did today was to pick up a load of mushroom compost  which I hope to spread around my perennials over the next few days. In the cool of the mornings I can do that. I always mean to do it early in Spring but the constant rain makes the compost too lumpy so I'm doing it now when its crumbly and dry.  After an hour or so of hauling that to the back yard I will feel quite alright about putting my feet up and relaxing with a nice glass of ice tea and a book.

                                                      GRANNY MARIGOLD

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  1. The Banana Bread looks delish! You deserve a rest after shoveling all that compost, lol! The only thing I've harvested out of my garden is lettuce. But it sure was good. Keep cool! :)