Thursday, 10 July 2014

Get-Away part 2

When we left our campsite we took a little-used road that soon went from asphalt to gravel.  It was a good choice because we could doddle along and not hold anyone up. We stopped to see this Turkey Vulture on a stump  and then noticed there were many of them circling around. We couldn't see what had attracted them but no doubt it was something either dead or dying.

Farther on we came to Granite City, a ghost town of which little remains. Once it boasted 200 homes and 22 saloons. Now  a few cabins are standing ( propped up). Too bad it was not maintained as a place to visit the past.

Every ghost town seems to have its cemetery on a nearby hill and Granite City is no exception.
I like wandering  about and reading the grave markers. 

We passed a quiet lake,

   a field of sheep,

swampland full of bird life,

abandoned log barns,

and even some deer willing to let us get close enough to get a photo.

I hope you've enjoyed my pictures.  Please leave a comment so I'll know you visited.

     Granny Marigold


  1. I loved going along on your trip via your beautiful photos! I really find old ruins fascinating and also old cemeteries. Do you can all those cherries or freeze them? You describe yourself as an introvert, and I think a lot of us bloggers have that in common. This is a good way to meet people because we can contemplate what someone said and take our time to reply. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I hope you'll come back often! :)

    1. Hi Lisa, I'm happy you enjoyed my pictures. As for the cherries...I mostly freeze them. So far 10 large Ziplock bags!! I'm sure I'll be visiting your blog often now that I have "found" you.

  2. What a beautiful place to visit, we have deer here but yours look plumper! we like to visit the graveyards too (youngest boy likes to read the headstones like you do), they can tell you a lot about a community. Interesting to see a ghost town! I enjoyed your post - it's a part of the world I have never had the chance to visit so is a great reason to be blogging. Thanks for your kind comments over at my blog. Betty