Thursday 3 July 2014

In My Kitchen

The morning sun was filtered by a thin cloud and there was a light breeze. Perfect weather to go Blueberry picking!  The field opened at nine and we were there not long after. The berries were large and so yummy. In no time we had picked 12 pounds ( at a dollar a pound). 

           It is now afternoon and some of those berries have been incorporated in muffins.

                               Others have been turned into jam.   I freeze some for winter of course and   we'll    go picking again next week so we have lots on hand just for eating by the handful.

 Another thing I did was to clean up this cast iron frying pan. We already have a two sizes of cast iron pans but son  #2 wanted  one and we found this one in the thrift store for six dollars. It was in rough shape but DH sanded it and I  cleaned and treated it to a coat of shortening and a nice long stay in the oven. Just to make sure it was 'ready' I made a quiche for supper last  evening and made it in this 'new' pan. It stuck a bit so I gave it another treatment. I believe it is fine now. I use mine a lot and wouldn't want to be without it.

That's what I've been up to so far this week. It seems like such a short one with Tuesday having been the holiday ( Canada Day). We have our annual family BBQ on July First and we had sunshine. Not only sunshine but the hottest day so far. The Humidex was something like 36 degrees C.
Thankfully it is cooler now and one can bear to turn on the stove. 
     Hope you're enjoying sunshine too!         Granny Marigold

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