Thursday, 31 July 2014

Good-Bye to July

The week has flown by and so has this month!  It continues to be hot here and I have been taking things easy. Mornings are the time to get things done because by afternoon the house is more than warm and outside is almost unbearable. 
  The campers came home today and it sounds like they had a great time. I asked the little man what his favourite part was and he said it was walking across the river. The water must have been so cold and my DH said the water came as high as the little guy's chest at places but he walked across that river!! Of course, he was holding his grandad's hand otherwise he would never have been allowed to try.
   I know the Susan Wheeler picture is more fallish than summery but I thought it perfect for August. What do you think?  I love Susan Wheeler's illustrations and they make me think of the Brambly Hedge books ( Jill Barklem).  I like them almost as much.
I hope you have an enjoyable weekend !        Granny Marigold

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