Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A January walk

It was a chilly but perfectly clear morning and we decided to drive to a Bird Sanctuary about half an hour away and walk around. We plan on going there at least once every month this year. Although some birds stay around all winter others will be coming back in March and April.  This sanctuary is called The Great Blue Heron Sanctuary and the herons do live there all year but we didn't see any. Lots of other birds were around, especially a variety of ducks.

            Any tree not protected by wire was apt to be chewed down by the beavers.

    The Chickadees were very tame and happily landed on an outstretched hand.  Next time we go we'll bring sunflower seeds for them.

We sat on a park bench near the Interpretive Center where the birds congregated on and under this bird feeder. Until I wanted to take a picture, then they all disappeared. 

Tomorrow we will be back to clouds and showers but we enjoyed our sunny day. What did you do today?

             Granny Marigold


  1. I want a chickadee to perch on my hand! I watched birds today! Peaceful!

  2. Great Blue Herons are one of my favorites! We have them here and I love to see them fly over my house from one lake to another. It would be cool to have a chickadee land on your hand! :)

  3. What a lovely way to spend a morning and a unique way of keeping track of the progress of the seasons and the wild life by planning to visit there once a month. (Looking at your landscape completely devoid of snow makes me quite envious :)