Thursday 15 January 2015

An Altered Book

This is an on-going project that has been fun to work at. I took a thrifted photo album and added an assortment of odds and ends including unwanted CDs, an old watch, a chain with a pendant, and stickers, greeting cards, and plain old torn paper bits.  The album had a pretty cover, I added the butterfly and dangling bead on the upper corner.   
Hah!  Behind my album you can catch a glimpse of my very old name plate from the days when I worked in a bank.

                      This is what the unadorned pages looked like.

 For some reason my computer insists these next two pictures have to be vertical although I took them as horizontal. Oh well.

That gives you a good idea of what I've done to alter this book.     Granny Marigold.


  1. How fun! I love to cut, glue, arrange. Altered books are a great form of art!

  2. I love it! What creativity! I'm impressed and intrigued but I don't think I would try that on my own....looks like that might not be my forte at all :) But do keep posting more of your projects. I will have to fulfill my craving for creativity vicariously through your blog!

  3. Lots of pretty things in that book! Glad you had fun doing it. :)