Tuesday, 13 January 2015


The sun is shining and flooding my sunroom with light. Makes me think Spring!!  Of course it's much too early to be thinking Spring but still, it's lovely to see the sun.

Are you tired of "Christmas" oranges yet?  These are particularly sweet ones. And quite cheap too. I guess the stores are trying to clear them out now.

I needed something for dessert at supper time today so I baked these Chocolate cookies. I rarely make these because the recipe only makes 20. My usual recipe is an oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips and makes about 3 times as many. These are a special treat and will be very appreciated and gobbled up in no time at all.

I was out and about this morning and stopped for a quick browse at the thrift store where I picked up these two Stuffies with Valentine's Day decoration in mind.  They are very soft and huggable.  I think I'll set them out on Feb. 1st and leave them out for the month.

I'm very thankful today that my computer is working. Yesterday I had the misfortune of tipping over a full mug of hot tea onto my computer "case" ( is that what it's called?) and all over the top of my desk. I quickly mopped it up but I was afraid that if any got into the case my computer would be affected.  I seem to have avoided that but in future will set my tea elsewhere.

                           Granny Marigold


  1. If I ever move someday I'm going to get a house with a sunroom! My only south facing window is in my bathroom! Love your plant filled room. I also like your wood cookie cooling rack. I used to do What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday where you take pictures of what you're working on at your desk and share with other bloggers. Familiar with that? I got chastened a few times for having my cup of tea next to my computer. I haven't had an accident yet, but I guess it's not a great idea. ;)

    1. I love my sunroom. Besides that room only my kitchen is south-facing and I so love sunlight!! The wood cooling rack was made by my DH and often seems to be needing sanding a bit because it gets caked on. Shows you what kind of housekeeper I am.