Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Wednesday's Ramblings

It was too icy for me to go walking this morning, Too bad because when I went yesterday it was my intention not to miss a day. But it certainly isn't worth taking the chance of a fall.  SO... I have got most of the ornaments off both trees. I promised the grands I'd leave some for them to remove after school. So by the end of today all will be put away.

This is my everyday tea cozy.  I had a couple of Christmas placemats that were homemade ( not by me) and when I washed them the back shrunk more than the front leaving a sort of bulge.  I was ready to throw them away when I had a brainwave. Why not try and make a Christmas tea cozy. So that's what I did. Those who know me know I can't sew. I manage to mess up the simplest projects but apparently this one was a success.  The fabric is such that no matter which way you look at it some of the pattern will be upside down. The placemats had filling sandwiched between the backing and the front so all I had to do was cut the shape and after ironing out the bulge I sewed away. It's a bit flat on top, not nicely rounded like my ordinary one but I'm happy with it.

A quick trip to the thrift store to drop off a box and take a peek at what I might find.  I found a Royal Albert mug "Tranquility" pattern. I thought I already had a tea cup and saucer in that pattern but it appears I was mistaken.  Not on this thrift store trip but one before Christmas I found a nice winter coat for a price I couldn't resist. $3.50 .  I promised Nancy I'd post a picture of me wearing it so here I am.

The afternoon is flying by; it must be time to stop for a cup of tea. Thanks for stopping by.

                      Granny Marigold


  1. I like your new coat, GM! Cute!
    It was too icy here, too!

  2. Your tea cozy turned out very nice and the jacket looks lovely.

  3. Good to see an up-close photo of you! The coat looks very cozy and snazzy, especially with the pretty pink scarf. I like your tea cozy idea. That seems simple enough that I might be able to do it. I have some knitted potholders that also might work! :)

  4. Love the pink scarf! Looks very nice on you. ys

  5. $3.50 for that winter coat! Gracious!

    and how pretty and classy you look, with your pretty pink scarf!

    Gentle hugs,

    1. Tessa, there's a story behind that pink scarf. As I often mention, I walk almost every morning. I used to meet up with this lovely East Indian woman walking, and one day I told her how lovely her scarf was never ever thinking that she'd go out and buy me one. So sweet.