Friday, 16 October 2015

A Mystery

Something has been eating our tomatoes. DH brought three lovely big almost ripe ones in to show me that the bottom half of each had been eaten away. These tomato plants are tall and the tomatoes hung at least two feet from the ground. Who is the culprit?   Not raccoons since they are known to rip plants down and generally do a lot of damage. Apart from the eaten fruit no damage was done. Possums, maybe? Giant rats?
 We picked as many of the slightly coloured ones and a few green ones to bring inside.

We got more apples this morning. Spartans, this time. I knew we would be having some leftovers for supper so a nice apple crisp would be a good idea. I love apple crisp still warm from the oven.

We had another chilly morning followed by a sunshiny day. Temps in the low 20's (around 70 F.)
I finished my work and sat out on the porch. Oh how I'll miss sitting out there when the weather gets cold.
I hope you had a good day too!

                 Granny M.


  1. I'd guess mice or rats. They could just run up the plant. I feel your frustration. I had something like that taking tastes of my lemon cucumbers, although that could have been rabbits, as they were on the ground.

  2. I noticed a lot of mine were eaten on the tops, sort of small bites. This leads me to believe that the field mice are having a good meal here in on the farm and this will be a bad mouse winter. I'm glad I now have 2 young kittens who are taking an interest in moving around the house. Phil/Eagle Bend, MN.

  3. Sorry about your tomatoes! Sometimes critters act like they own the place, don't they? The ones you saved look very nice. Apple crisp sounds like a good idea! Enjoy your porch sitting while you can. :)

  4. I would guess our Coco did it but we don't live close enough and she would eat the whole thing! LOL Enjoy your porch while you can. Nancy

  5. Hi G.M. Just getting caught up on your blog after being away. Wow, you have been busy.
    Do you have many squirrels in your yard? A neighbour was having his tomatoes chewed too and thought it might be squirrels.
    We are very cool this morning with a heavy frost. The flowers won't be around much longer.
    Take care.

  6. Well now, that is annoying, isn't it? Could it possibly be squirrels? We had a peach tree and every time the peaches were about ready to be harvested they would all totally disappear over night. I finally figured out it was squirrels. Grrr...
    It's gotten cold here too and I'm thinking your apple crisp looks like just the thing to warm us up.

  7. Weird! I had something eating little pumpkins here. They'd be gone completely when I looked for them. We need hidden cameras.