Sunday 25 October 2015

A Sunday Drive

It was too nice a day not to go for a drive in the country. We  headed for this bird sanctuary where we saw no Herons but we saw lots of Chickadees!

                         Fortunately we had remembered to bring sunflower seeds.

                                          The Chickadees are quite brave.

Along the way we saw this sign and drove onto a narrow driveway and up to a somewhat dilapidated  house where an old man seemed just to be waiting for us. Anyway, we bought some of his figs and he gave us a Persimmon because we'd never tasted one before. Actually, I'm not sure we've tasted figs before either since now that we've eaten a couple neither of us cares for them,  I will make a small jar of fig jam tomorrow with the rest.

         Pics taken along the way.. this is the Vedder Canal. The water lever is very low.

                       This yard had long beds full of Dahlias of every colour. 

I hope you had a pleasant Sunday too.

      Thanks for visiting.  Granny M.


  1. I remember having a fig bush in our yard in Texas as a child. I think I liked them fresh from the tree, if memory serves me. They sure are a pretty fruit. Something good to paint. I hope the jam is more to your liking. :) Those chickadees were pretty brave! Several times this summer I've had a great blue heron fly over my house. I live between two lakes, so I see a lot of loons and herons. They are very impressive birds.

  2. I really like your last photo of the beautiful dahlias. There is something so peaceful about the big old arborvitate trees when they are placed out in the landscape, instead of so close to a building. Thanks for this photo collection. Phil/Eagle Bend, MN

  3. Looks like you had a lovely day. I just love chickadees! The dahlias have been hit by frost here so lovely to see them in your photo.

  4. Looks like you had an interesting trip! I can't believe how the chickadee is eating out of your husband's hand! Love the flowers bed!!! I have had figs but have never had a persimmon. Nancy

  5. Figs are okay...but I have never had a persimmon either! That is a brave Chickadee ours would never eat out of our hands:)

  6. I've had a few persimmons, some where good, some not. The figs look like the same variety as ours (Brown Turkey). A bit hard to get them fully ripe enough at this time of the year. This would be the second crop of the year. They need to be quite brown and very very soft. They should be brown inside too, so if they were quite white inside, then you weren't getting the full fig experience:) Apparently they don't really ripen off the tree. On our tree the birds are getting them before they ripen fully. I've still been taking dahlias to the market, I'm waiting for that frost to kill them off:)