Thursday 29 October 2015


We were given a box of apples ( this is about half of them) and today my DH helped me make a start on getting them ready for the freezer. Due to arthritis in my hands my ability to peel apples or potatoes is a problem. Anyway, I used some of them to make an apple crisp for supper dessert. I had my little helper who was more than happy to spread the oatmeal topping on top.

                                           The finished product.

I had time to sit and browse through my new Susan Branch book today and am enjoying it but it's very much a Christmas book so I'm beginning to think Christmas!!  And it's not even November. I think I'll put the book aside for a couple of weeks.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you had time to sit and relax for a time today.

        As always,  Granny Marigold


  1. Aw, what a cute helper! Glad you're enjoying the book. Don't get too Christmasy too early, girl! :)

  2. Your crisp looks delicious... it's nice to have good little helpers!

  3. Luna decided to help herself to some of the apples in a bucket in the garage today. I keep thinking about making an apple crisp, will have to look up a recipe for making a grain free topping. I need to remember to move that bucket or I won't have enough apples:)

  4. Delish! That's a good dessert for Halloween!
    Apples are so pretty, aren't they?

  5. How nice you were given such lovely apples. Your apple crisp looks delicious.
    Enjoy your new book!

  6. Hi! I made apple crisp today also but I didn't have a nice little helper like you! Great that the apples were free! Love that kind! Nancy

  7. I would be so excited to get a box of favorite fruit. Every trip to the grocery store I buy a few apples. Poppy and I used to go to the NC mountains every fall and buy apples, but we don't do that anymore. The apple crisp looks delicious!