Friday, 2 October 2015

Another random post

I removed everything from this storage closet this morning and my DH gave it a much-needed coat of paint. I'm always amazed at how nice newly painted walls look.
This is the closet that holds the vacuum cleaner, various mops, my ironing board, any number of cloth shopping bags, even bags of potatoes, if they're too big for the pantry. A very handy closet indeed.

     With the hooks back on. My granddaughter gave me the metal one with flowers and 3 hooks.
      All that remains to be done is reinstalling the baseboards. Tomorrow I'll put everything back
       where it belongs.

I changed the display on my kitchen window sill.  As you can see, the thermometer shows 10 C. (50 F.)  which was our high today.  A bit chilly.

Debi at Barefoot Mom had some pretty apple-patterned pot holders hung up and I thought they looked cute.  I looked to see if I had a pair that looked Fall-ish. I didn't, but I hung up this one...can't decide if it is supposed to be a Strawberry or a Ladybug.

I hope your Friday has been a pleasant one and that you found time to sit and relax, maybe even have a cup of tea. 
                    Granny M.


  1. The closet looks very fresh! You're so right about a coat of paint. It makes a big difference.

  2. It is amazing how much a little paint can change things! I like your kitchen window display... the stained class piece is beautiful. I'd go with a ladybug now and it can be a strawberry in the spring! Happy weekend!

    1. Debi, the stained glass piece was made by, and actually still belongs to, my eldest daughter. She has gifted me with a number of stained glass pieces through the years.

  3. Hi! I love to have painted closets. My husband on the other hand figures why paint them, no one sees them! LOL It has gotten chilly here too. I guess I would vote that would be a ladybug! Nancy

  4. Nice paint job! I like the kitchen window arrangement. Very cheerful!

  5. Ladybug I think, I love red so it is all good. We have all knotty pines closets so no painting for me:0 I remember in several house how long it too to paint closets...and how good it felt to have it done! :)

  6. What a handy closet to have! When we redid our kitchen I made sure to include a broom closet. Chuck didn't see what the purpose of ins would be but he admits now it is very handy.
    Love the stained glass in your kitchen window.