Monday, 12 October 2015

My Morning Walk

It's holiday Monday here ( Thanksgiving) so fewer people were out walking . I'm glad I got my walk in before the rain.

                             I love the vines on this house.  Half have turned colour so far.

        I am not a fan of Halloween. I decorate for Fall, not Halloween but some people sure go to a lot of work! Both these pics are of the same front yard.


                                        Geese flying overhead.

                                        And, of course, the lake.

A rather boring post today but I did want to have the opportunity to say that today marks exactly 2 years since I started this blog. On a whim, you might say, because it was a chance to try something new.  I've enjoyed it and have made some good friends. 

Hope your week is off to a great start!        Granny M.


  1. Congrats on you blog anniversary! Your post isn't boring at all!
    The lake is gorgeous!

  2. Hi Granny Marigold, What a lovely area you have to walk in! I decorate more for fall too. That way i can leave it up and not have to redo! A method to my madness (laziness)! I do use pumpkins though. Congratulations on your two year anniversary! Nancy

  3. Your blogs are never boring! I love your photos... congratulations on your 2nd anniversary of blogging!

  4. I recently discovered your blog, and enjoy it very much. Congratulations on your 2 yr anniversary!


    1. Welcome, Paulette. I hope you'll visit often.