Wednesday, 28 October 2015

This and That

I had quite a big box of things to drop off at the thrift store today. While I was there I browsed and was happy to find some great books. The one on the left, The Night before Christmas, has a hologram on almost every page. I knew the little man would love it and he did. We read it after he got home from school.  I was thrilled to find the Susan Branch ( in absolutely perfect condition) . The book on the right has very nice illustrations and is destined for my collection.

I was looking for a copy of Kate Morton's The Distant Hours which I read recently ( library book),  and wanted  to own. Didn't find it but did find this one which I have read but want to reread ( 2.00).

I was tidying up today and came upon my chocolate molds. Went out to buy those chocolate melting wafers in white and also regular chocolate. After school the grands had fun making pumpkin and also leaf chocolates. Miss C. was focused and made little mess. The little man, on the other hand, was distracted by the molds we were not using. He did get his pumpkins made though.

        See what a good job they did?  Nice "marbling".

We're having some days of rain that mean no outside work. I've been doing some tidying up and hope to continue that all week.
What are you keeping busy with this week?

             Granny M.


  1. Hi! I reread some of my books too! Those are the ones I like to own. Do you collect Christmas books? My daughter has been doing that for years. I think it is a neat idea. Your grands candy looks delicious! Nancy

    1. I have somehow accumulated a lot of children's books in recent years. A number of them are winter/ Christmassy. I tend to want the ones with illustrations that appeal to me.

  2. I used to make chocolates for Christmas and Easter. I hadn't thought about letting the grands join the fun... maybe for Christmas this year! Your grands did a great job!

  3. Mmm, chocolate! I've kept a lot of the books my kids had when they were little, or my favourites ones at least. Maybe one day I will have grandchildren to read them to:)

  4. You always make me want to run up to the thrift store.The children did such a good job with the candy. "Thinking" about all that needs to be done is keeping me busy this week! :)