Sunday, 7 May 2017

Mostly flowers

It's Lilac time and we were able to cut a nice bunch over at my son's townhouse complex. We do have a huge old lilac bush in the back of the yard but it reaches for the sun and is probably more than 20 feet tall. It towers over the old playhouse and that's 14 feet high. The blooms are all on the top and inaccessible.
Every year I get out this dollar store 'suitcase' and put my lilacs in or behind it. The sewing machine was my mother's.

                                     The first dark Iris is in bloom.

                              Forget-me-not self-seeds and pop up everywhere.

               I don't know what these are called. They also bloom purple and are quite invasive!

My rhubarb is quite a small plant and so far hasn't produced a lot but I did have enough to make a rhubarb coffee cake.  I'll give it a dose of fertilizer and see if it will do better. Meanwhile we'll go to my BIL and SIL's place and get some of their surplus.

I hope you had a lovely, peaceful Sunday with pleasant weather. Ours was a mix of sun and cloud but at least it didn't rain.

As always, thanks for popping by.

        Granny Marigold


  1. Rhubarb. Yummy! I wonder how old that tall lilac bush is!

  2. Love your sewing machine ~ I have the very same one! We had a cooler day (thankfully) with clouds and not much sun. Perfect day to do some painting in our studio. Much easier when it's not super hot! Have a great week. X Chy

  3. How lovely your flowers are. We had a lovely lilac tree, but it was stuck in the very back corner of our property and unfortunately had to come out...something to do with the fence, I can't remember now.

    Love your sewing machine and how lucky are you that it was your Mothers, that makes it even more special.

    Those white flowers look like our Bluebells, only white...I did take a photo at the woods with some lone white flowers amongst the blue.

  4. What a joy to see the lilac and such a wonderful way to display it. I loved the little suitcase.

  5. I can almost smell those lilacs. Mine were getting close to bloom, but it's 24 out right now--I think they got "zapped" in the freeze.

  6. Hi Granny Marigold, so glad you finally enjoyed some nice weather this weekend. Your lilacs are so lovely
    Your rhubarb coffee cake looks delicious! I don't have my own patch yet but a neighbour generously shares with me.
    Have a good week.

  7. That sewing machine brings back so many memories! Very pretty display on it. Chris

  8. Ohhh sigh.... I love lilacs and their smell.

    But my husband has always had allergies, and we couldn't have them.

    For some years, I too am being made sneeeeezy, by their lovely smell.

    So.... Never able to have them, in the house. -sigh-

    You please enjoy them more, for me. -smile-

  9. What a cute little suitcase! I love containers and boxes! I can almost taste that rhubarb, I will get some from a neighbor:)

  10. The lilacs smell so lovely. The driveway in Oliver is lined with lilac bushes down the property line. The bushes are the neighbours. Hope we can get there in time to smell them!

  11. I am liking all of the purple touches here today.
    Your lilac display is so charming. I am using my imagination to capture the wonderful fragrance. Your iris is a beautiful shade of purple. The rhubarb coffee cake looks especially pretty on that purple plate. Once again I am using my imagination... yummy is what my imagination is telling me :).

  12. Hi! Love your lilacs and suitcase together. Lilacs smell so good. I have an old singer sewing machine that was my Mom's also. She converted to electric but I think I still have the other and need to look into it and see if it can be converted back to pedal. I love antiques. Nancy

  13. I love lilacs and have two bushes but the flowers are very small. I do love the scent though!