Friday 19 May 2017


We're enjoying some lovely sunshine today and that is the forecast for this May long weekend!

Every year I wait for the Spring Clematis to bloom and hang down over my garden shed. I don't mind one bit having to push it aside so I can get past.

The empty bed on the left has Dahlias planted but not yet up. I still have empty pots that need flowers but the garden centers are crazy busy this weekend and I'll wait until next week to go buy what I still need.

                 My succulents are enjoying the sunshine!!

This poor broken fountain is a great spot to put yet more succulents. I must try to straighten out that top piece.

                             Some just planted Snapdragons.

This last bunch of Lilacs was on the dining room table until now but was beginning to look very dried up. Out here is one step closer to the compost.

Whatever your plans for the weekend are I hope they include some fun times. We're planning a drive to a bird sanctuary on Sunday.  If we get there before 10 o'clock we'll be able to join a group of birders who are very knowledgeable and not only share that knowledge but also set up their scopes so we can get close-up looks at elusive birds.

Thanks for visiting,

           Granny Marigold


  1. Enjoyed all your plants, I love to watch things grow. Hope you enjoy bird watching this week-end, sounds like fun!

  2. I like your clematis covered shed.
    We will go to a soccer match Saturday afternoon, and take advantage of sunshine on Sunday to either go to some open gardens or work in our own and then sit on our newly cleaned up patio. Green winter scuzz be gone!

  3. Hi Grant Marigold, your gardens are beautiful! The lilacs here are just starting to bloom. Your clematis is gorgeous!
    Looking forward to hearing about your trip to the bird sanctuary.
    Take care.

  4. Ohhhh that Clematis is beeeeeeautiful!!!! And your garden shed is so cute toooo! Not a shed, at all! :-)

  5. I like your succulents in the bird bath! And the clematis and the shed look so lovely and cute together. We went to a few garage sales this morning, but didn't get much other than canning supplies, which consisted of 18 jars, three boxes of lids and a 1 cup ladle which is nicer for filling the jars than a smaller one. Market prep this afternoon, market tomorrow, and hopefully some gardening on Monday. I finally tied the raspberry canes up this afternoon, what a disaster that was, just one of those jobs that I kept putting off.

  6. Love your little shed with beautiful clematis hanging over it! Lovely garden! Thanks for sharing! God bless you!

  7. The clematis is gorgeous,and I love the colors of the snapdragons! I hope you saw some unusual birds!

  8. I remember your pretty little shed from last year and am delighted to see it in all it's glory once again. I hope you were able to enjoy lots of time this weekend enjoying the sun in your garden. It all looks so nice.

  9. Oh your garden is looking so pretty! Love the clematis over your shed, beautiful.