Tuesday, 2 May 2017

This and That

Another of my This and That posts!!  Maybe I should call this one What I did today!

The sun shone and we had a lovely day. DH and I strung the supports for the pole beans ( which we can't sow until the ground warms up but I like to get it ready!).  He made the frame 8 feet high so hopefully this year they won't go over the top and get into an intertwined mass!!
The little plastic cover on one end is protecting the little Perennial Sweet Peas which are about 6" high. I started them indoors and put them out in their little peat pots. They also grow very tall and will share this new support.

The alpine Clematis which I think is Frances Rivas is hanging full of small blue flowers.

Before I came in to make lunch I cut some Grape Hyacinths and had fun taking some pictures of them. I really should have trimmed the stems to the same length. I don't know why the ribbon looks pink because it is pale purple, as is the little doily which also looks pink. 

                 This tiny tea pot is a recent .50 find.

   And for supper we had tomato,  lentil and spinach soup( that also has assorted other veggies in it).  I made it yesterday and we had leftovers so that was easy!

Something that was very special today was a surprise visit from my second oldest GD who lives and works in New York. We don't see her often and when she does come out she usually surprises us!
So....that was my day. Tomorrow the forecast is for rain so I will get some housework done, maybe get a bit of shopping done as well. What are your plans?

Thanks for visiting, 

        Granny Marigold


  1. The soup looks fabulous. Will you share the recipe? How very special to get a surprise visit from your GD. Will she be staying awhile?

  2. I don't use recipes for making soup. In this case it began with a 28oz can of tomatoes, an onion, a couple of carrots, a potato or two, some celery, frozen corn, about 2/3 cup of red lentils, a couple of bay leaves and towards the end I added the rest of a bag of baby spinach that needed using up. Oh yes, also some beef bouillon powder just to give it some zip.
    It was great seeing A. She has to be back in NY by Monday.

  3. I make a soup called 'Crisper Drawer' soup. Basically just about anything that is in the crisper drawer that needs using, plus whatever else I feel like adding. Davis Meats on Mt. Lehman has a great Italian sausage that is perfect for making a flavourful soup, plus my homemade broth. Love a good soup, and love the leftovers even more!
    Nice to get the surprise visit! You are so organized with your garden. I didn't get my dahlias planted today, but I did get the the last of the weeds out of the plot, the chicken manure spread around on it, and it all rototilled.

  4. What a wonderful surprise to see your GD. The soup looks amazing, I am a great fan of using what needs using up for soup. Yours certainly looks good.

  5. The soup sounds wonderful. I'm a recipe follower--and I envy people that are brave enough to "wing it". I don't know why I'm like that.
    I'd assume that any soup that contains all ingredients you love should taste good. Ah, to be more adventurous!

  6. Oh, I bet you had a delightful time gazing at that beautiful grand! I think it's sweet that she likes to surprise you.
    I love your grape hyacinths. Lovely photos!

  7. Oh wow! Now that is a bean support!! I hope you will post a picture when it is covered in beans. The Grape Hyacinths and little teapot are so pretty and make a pretty picture. The soup sounds good. I may try homemade soup for supper tonight.

  8. So glad you had a surprise visit from your grand-daughter. Those kind of surprises are the best!
    Your soup looks delicious, thanks for sharing the recipe in the comment.
    Hope we both see some sunny weather soon.

  9. Excellent gardening prep work! Ohhhhh Sweet Peas, I so love them.

    No, you didn't have to trim the hyacinth stems to one length. That would look like they came from a florist. When they really came-straight-from-nature. So much prettier pic, with various length stems.

    To me, those items look a pale purple/lavender. :-) Lovely, lovely color.

    Bur we remember, how each computer screen, shows *its own* colors. lol. We never know, how... What we see and post, will look, to readers.

    What a lovely surprise! GD from NYC. I'm sure you had a lovely time.

    WATCH your COMMENTS, for SPAM.

    I found 2, this morning, in my comments.

    Had to put Comment Moderation back on. :-(

    Luna Crone

  10. You're such an artist with the camera! I always love to see your decorating ideas. You have a real flair for that! Happy gardening! :)

  11. It rained overnight and we woke to fog. It was much warmer today. We walked and worked in the yard. The sun came out and it warmed up fast - 73! I was actually too warm!

  12. You had a busy day! I'm so glad that your daughter came to visit...and she sounds a lot like our oldest...she and the family always surprises us when she comes. :)

  13. Very pretty tablescape, love the little teapot.

  14. What a lovely surprise you received.
    Your photo shoot with the grape hyacinths turned out just lovely. I like them tied together with the ribbon. So sweet.

  15. Your additions to your garden is so professional and nice. The hyacinths are pretty but I can't stand the smell. We had rain again today and it is chilly. Your soup looks so delicious! Nancy