Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Flowers and a mini pie

DH pulled the tired Sweet Peas off their trellis and brought the few good ones in. I made a tiny bouquet. The white ones are annual, the pink are perennial. The pink ones of course didn't get pulled down.

The Morning Glories have taken over the trellis that the Clematis grows on. Now it's a jumble of blooms.

I was inspired by some garden tidying that Henny Penny posted about recently and cleared out a lot of self-seeded flowers in this front bed. We lifted the Iris and put mushroom compost under and around  then moved some Japanese Painted Ferns which hadn't done well in pots so now they are in the ground.  In the front corner I have some Primroses that will bloom next Spring.

We bought a few Prune Plums with the idea of eating them out-of-hand but they must have been picked too green because they didn't taste like much. I decided to make a very small rustic pie. Just big enough for the two of us.  Of course the juice ran out and the pan was a mess.

                 I moved it to a plate so I could soak the pan.

That was my not very exciting day. Still, it feels good to get something done on this almost coolish day! Tomorrow is forecast to be the same then September starts off with hot weather again.

Thanks for visiting,

                    Granny Marigold


  1. The sweet peas made a beautiful arrangement and that pie looks delicious. I don't envy you cleaning the pan though.

  2. I love that jumble of blooms. Sure made me feel good to see my name mentioned in your post about gardening. If only I could grow flowers like you do. That bed with the Iris looks neat and pretty, and those Iris are so big and healthy! That little mini pie looks delicious.

  3. The sweet peas made a cute bouquet and I love the jumble of flowers on the trellis. Have a great day!!!

  4. We all want Not Too Exciting Days, my Dear!!!!!!!!!!

    Excellent making-neat in the flower bed! Gorgeous blooms. So very "ripeness of Autumn"!

    Oh yum, love that kind of a rustic pie... Love the look of it, I have never fully mastered making one.

    oh sigh, yes! we always have to prepare to deal with juice running! Eeeek! But at least, it stayed in the pan, and didn't go down on the oven, like my last disaster!!!!!! LOL

    Luna Crone

  5. Hi Granny Marigold, I love Sweet Peas but shy away from planting them as Coco might eat them. I read they are poisonous to dogs. I hate it when things run over on a pan like that. I hope you were able to get it clean. Congratulations on all your yard tidying. Nancy

  6. Your flower beds look so nice and tidy. I really need to get to mine soon before anymore time gets by me.

    Your plum pie looks lovely...and I really like your plate, too. :)

  7. The mini pie looks so scrumptious.