Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Bakewell Tart Muffins

It was another cool and rainy day today until the later afternoon when the sun peeked out. The weather is forecast to change to warmer temperatures so I thought I'd take advantage of the coolness and bake. I decided on these Bakewell tart muffins that I saw last year on a blog called The English Kitchen.
The blogger is a delightful ex-Canadian lady who moved to England in 2000. Check out her blog if you're interested. For some reason I cannot leave a comment on her blog and I even tried to contact her but failed.  Just so you know this is her recipe and you can find it by searching for it by name on her blog.
This recipe was posted by her on June 25, 2017.

I think the only thing I did differently when doubling the recipe was to use 2 eggs ( she says to use one large egg instead of the medium called for in the smaller recipe)..
My results don't look nearly as perfect as hers but they are sooo good!

I made some using baking papers and from now on that's what I'll use because I spent too much time getting the muffin pans clean on the ones with no papers.

If you try this recipe let me know how it turned out and whether you liked it.

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  1. Yum, yum. Sure looks good but I would have to use gluten free flour. Take a bite for me! Nancy

  2. My kid love muffins! Looks yummy!
    It is a good idea to use baking paper down to bake muffins:)

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  4. The mention of Bakewell Tarts rang a bell, and when I searched my documents I see why: Almost ten years ago I spent quite a while reading about this dessert and collected 5 pages of notes on them!! Did I ever make them? (No)

    But you are making me hungry to at least eat breakfast now. :-)

  5. Oh...oh...oh...I've got to give this recipe a try. One of my hubby's very favorite desserts that I make is a Bakewell Tart. Thank you for telling us where we can find the recipe.

  6. Those look great, GM! Our recent wedding cake was also an almond flavor. I want to make these!