Wednesday, 27 June 2018

More This and That

I don't know where the past week has gone but I see it has been 6 days since I last posted. And I was doing so well for a while. I will blame it on the weather because we had some cooler days and I wanted to get more done in my garden. I can't work as long as I'd like ( still babying my back) but slowly it will all get done.
My Lilies are looking good. I don't think I've posted the pics of them that I took ( to remind myself next year which colours grew where).

Volunteer Nasturtiums are growing under the blue Delphiniums. I like the effect but I think in a week I'll have to cut the Delphiniums down because they're beginning to look ratty.

I found this pot holder at the thrift store. I'm amazed at how whoever made it was able to fold and sew it so perfectly. It's almost too nice to use! I'll save it to put under hot dishes on the table.

I've been rearranging the shelves on my new cupboard. I thought my white jugs would look nice on the top shelf.

I had this bright and cheery patterned tea set put away. Now I can see it and enjoy it every day.

Last of all I will show you what I'm doing this afternoon. Putting my breadmaker to work making a sweet dough for Cinnamon buns. (See that funny lumpy one in the back?  I always end up with one end of the rolled out dough looking strange. It will taste just fine in spite of its looks! )
Some have asked if I share my baking with family.Yes, I do!

I hope I didn't bore you with my rambling.   I hope you'll leave a comment so I know you visited today!!

                Granny Marigold


  1. Your lilies are so pretty.
    Your white jugs look great up on that top shelf.
    Oh my those cinnamon rolls look so good. I love them.

  2. Your garden is beautiful and I love the way the new cupboard looks with everything in it. You have some very pretty teacups!

  3. I really like the nasturtium/delphinium combination. If you cut the old delphinium stalks down to the ground as soon as they are spent, new ones should grow with a second, lighter blooming.
    Your new shelf looks great. You are having fun with it!

  4. Your Lilies are so pretty! I should bake more but then we would eat more! :(

  5. I love the white jugs all in a row! And then, by contrast, so much color splashed beautifully around the garden....

  6. Your flowers look beautiful!

  7. Beautiful colorful lilies and other flowers!
    Amazing to see the pot holder! They look neat and fit!
    Nice to see your yummy sweets getting ready!

  8. A feast for the eyes looking at your beautiful lilies. The baking looks so tasty I am tempted to go out and make some.

  9. Hi, GM. I'm often slow about blogging too. I blame it on the HOT weather though, haha! It makes me sluggish.
    Your lilies are amazing! What bursts of color! I know it must make you happy to look out your windows and see them. And your cabinet is so pretty. Those floral dishes are perfect there. It's so nice to pull things out of back cabinets and boxes, isn't it?

  10. What gorgeous colours your lilies are, quite stunning. I love the colour of your cupboard, what a pretty shade xx

  11. Oh I love your lilies. And your new cupboard is beautiful. What a great idea! Chris

  12. I love that blue flowery tea set! Yes, I've been a little absent around here lately myself. The days do fly by! I can just smell those cinnamon rolls! Yum! :)

  13. Chrystalchapin in Washington9 July 2018 at 08:27

    I do love this season with abundant fresh homegrown fruits and vegetables! Your flower gardens are magnificent! I made 3 batches of cherry jelly last week...didn't set up so now have lots of cherry syrup! Have to eat more ice cream now!!