Wednesday 6 June 2018

Thrifty treasures...and more

I don't think I've shared these few things that I bought at a garage sale a little while ago. The cute cushion was .50 so I couldn't resist. The tea cups were $3 for the two...both are  Royal Albert,  the  one on the right has the words Dainty Dina Series underneath. The other has no special pattern name on it.   The little vase/ jug was all of ten cents.

 My trip to the thrift store yesterday netted me this pretty apron...I love the lace and the rick rack.

I'm so happy I found this old Pyrex baking dish. I am using it today to make a coconut square.

This very large cup and saucer is actually a flower pot ( the cup has a drainage hole in the bottom).
It has the word Lavender written on it as well as pictures of it so I might try to start a lavender plant in it.

And on the topic of Lavender, mine is making me very happy this year. It has formed almost a hedge of beauty in the front garden. It has only begun to open and already the bees are going crazy!!

Do you tend to wear the same style of clothes most of the time?  I recently bought this top for .50 at the thrift store and it's a style and colour I have never been known to wear. But it's comfy and although DH isn't too sure about it I like it.  The black chair right behind me is where I'm sitting right now ( my body is hiding my computer in the pic.) 

Besides that Coconut square I'm also baking bread today, it's rising in the pans right now. It's cool enouhg so I feel good about using the oven.

Thanks for coming by,

         Granny Marigold


  1. I wear that style shirt to work a lot!

    1. Hello Softi, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I'd return the favour but I see you don't have a blog. Maybe soon?

  2. Your Lavender is beautiful; I love how it makes a hedge like that. Great thrifting finds, too . . . I especially like the apron :) I think that top is very becoming. It must have been a day for baking, because I made snicker doodles today and I rarely bake this time of the year. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for being such a sweet friend.
    Connie :)

  3. Your lavender is beautiful...well all of your gardens are! That pink pyrex dish is a keeper:)

  4. I love a good shop around the charity shops, especially when I find something good. I love your pinny, it’s so pretty and the tea cups too. Your new top suits you, it’s good to have a change sometimes xx

  5. You are such a good baker! I do like that dish you found - the pink one. Those are so good for baking and going straight to the table. This makes me want to dash to the thrift store this morning for a little mild "retail therapy" in the middle of the wedding week, haha.

  6. Such great finds, I love the apron and Royal Albert at that price is such a joy.

  7. You always have the best finds from thrift stores and garage sales! You have a good eye for finding a bargain. Your lavender looks absolutely beautiful. I wish I could smell it through the computer!

  8. I love the pink pyrex! And coconut squares? Mmmmm. I'll be right over.

  9. I think you look great in your new top, but I don't know if it is the garment or your pleasant countenance that does it!

    The thrift shop finds you share here are adding up bit by bit until one of these days the impressions will reach the critical point at which I will "stir my stumps" and drive to my own such shops to see what my luck might be! That pyrex dish is such a good deal...

    AND your lavender border is wonderful!! I don't know if mine are ever going to look like that, because the original type of lavender is kind of dwarf-y (i.e. puny) and some of those died, so I filled in with a variety of types, so it may always look kind of random.

  10. You have some great finds there.
    Yes, I usually wear the same type of clothes too. Jeans and long sleeve turtle neck T-shirts with a short sleeve T-shirt over it for the layered look. In summer I just wear the short sleeve T shirt.

  11. I love that kitten pillow, and the pretty apron...and the pretty pink dish. You find the nicest things. I love your do you stay so slim and trim and do all the delicious baking?

  12. I am trying, but not succeeding, in growing lavender.

    God bless.

  13. Oh I love the apron. It is so pretty. I always thought I would love to have lavender. Yours is beautiful. You manage to find such nice things. We don't have many thrift shops here. Lots of yard sales though. Thank you for sharing.

  14. The apron and Pyrex dish are even color coordinated! I love all of your retro finds!