Friday, 21 March 2014

Friday's Flowers

I know it's really too early to be buying my plants but I couldn't resist going to look at all the beauty of them!!

These are the ones that came home with me. The three pots of lilies were only a dollar each. Those will be put out into a single pot when it warms up. Hopefully they'll bloom for many years to come.

The pansies could go out already but I think I'll wait until April just to make sure we don't get a late frost.   The Begonia will stay inside until probably end of May and the same for the pink Gerbera Daisy ( in front of the lilies).  There's also a pot of mini Daffodils beside them, destined for outside once they're done blooming.    Do you see the little pot of Basil beside the Pansies?  There's also a pot of Chocolate Mint hiding in there. All this pleasure for less than $20. Not bad, I'd say.

                                                       GRANNY MARIGOLD

1 comment:

  1. I saw all your flowers and I love those dark and lighter two colors pansies. The wine colored especially. I well embroider my pillow cases with those colors on the pansies.
    Thanks for the idea from seeing your flowers.
    How are your morning glory, I have three growing out of the six I planted. No tomatoes yet
    its so much fun to see something growing out of the ground. Nancy.