Sunday, 30 March 2014

More Treasures

Here are more of the garage sale treasures I found yesterday. The tube pan has a removable bottom and will replace my very old one that did not have that feature.  The large serving spoon and the ladle will be useful. Not so sure about the "make-up" mirror b/c it is so small. But as you can see, it was only .25.  The oldie-timie wooden box just appealed to me. I don't know yet what I'll use it for.

These wooden dowel stands are something I've been looking for for some time. I have all my dinner plates in a similar but different kind of dowel system which I must show you some time, but I wanted my 8" plates openly displayed as well. ( The plates were already mine. I just put them in so you get the general idea). These cost me .25 for both!!

You may wonder why I would buy a set of chess pieces when I don't play chess but I have a reason.  I have a hand-painted tic-tac-toe board that I have no proper pieces for and my grandson would make us play with plastic buttons with  either Cinderella or Belle on them. Now we can use black or white chess pieces. The game still seems pointless but kids do enjoy playing!  

The salt shaker has a metal top with 7 holes. My DH has already drilled those holes bigger and at this moment, in my kitchen window, I have it holding some Hellebore flowers upright. The holes are just perfect for the job.

I very much like these kind of drawer handles and have in the past paid between 6 and 7 dollars EACH. These six cost me a dollar for all six. Can't beat that and you can be sure I will find a use for them. I'm thinking we will replace the handles on the drawers  in our camper van. DH is planning on making some changes in there and this could be part of an up-date.
That's it for my Saturday treasures.  I hope you've enjoyed seeing them.      GRANNY MARIGOLD

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