Saturday, 29 March 2014

Saturday's Treasures

There were exactly three garage sales in this morning's paper but what great ones they were!!  The prices were low and there was a variety of items to choose from.  I replenished my supply of candles.
Most were a dime each except for the tea lights which were a dollar for the pack.

The white ceramic "purse" will be given a few coats of white paint to make it waterproof then I'll use it for small bouquets of flowers. The shoelaces, Easter fridge magnet, purple necklace, pretty book plates, and the craft containers will all come in handy.

This box of assorted glass gems and starfish was too pretty to leave behind.

Big blue flowerpot.  Can't have too many plant pots.

Books were all .25 . Nancy, you will notice that I found a copy of Dick Pronecke's book " One Man's Wilderness".
I found many more items but I think this post is long enough. The rest of the stuff will be a future post.
 Hope you're having a great week end.   Granny Marigold

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