Saturday 5 December 2015

Rainy Saturday

The rain is pelting down outside and I'm so glad I got my walk in first thing after breakfast. As I was   walking toward the lake the sky was filled with literally hundreds of Canada Geese flying South after spending the night on the lake. I would have liked to see them all crowded on the lake and then taking off in large groups. They seem to have great goose conversations as they get ready to fly. Then off they go honking away.

 ( I didn't take these pics. They are off the internet because as usual I didn't take my camera along).

 I did take this picture of the peach jam I made. Actually it's peach and nectarine which I only noticed after they thawed. I like the combination because the nectarines seem to have more sweetness so I can cut down on the sugar needed.
My jam may have been a success but this fudge definitely was not. It's supposed to be French-Canadian Sucre a Creme. I watched it being made on a TV show and followed the directions exactly
 ( and it looked so easy) but it won't firm up.  I suppose it will be lovely as an ice cream topping or even on cake but that's not what I was aiming for.

I added another book to my collection. It's a retelling of the 12 days of Christmas but with animals. 
A young bear courts his lady bear with gifts, beginning with the partridge in the pear tree he's holding as he skates along to her house.  Sorry the pics are not terribly clear but you get the idea.
 By day 8 he's giving her 8 Raccoons  with milk pails full of stars. On the left you see him meeting her family.

The bear's story continues and the lady bear is now a bride. The squirrels are the eleven pipers piping.  I love the illustrations so much I had a hard time choosing just a few here.

                On the last page the wedding couple and their guests skate along merrily. 

The sound of the rain makes me want a nice cup of hot tea so that's what I'm off to get.
Thanks for coming by.

        Granny Marigold


  1. I wonder if the geese were heading our way. :) I hate it when fudge doesn't turn out right and it has happened many times! Like tea cups, you make me want to collect Christmas books. I forget to look for the books when I'm in the thrift store.

  2. After braving the rain in Langley on Whidbey Island this morning, we are enjoying lazing about, playing games and eating in the cabin beside the stormy beach.

  3. Do you go for a walk every day. I think it would have been interesting to see them all on the pond and then take off! Your jam looks so yummy and great find on another Christmas book! Nancy

    1. I do try to walk every day. I'm just a couple of blocks from the lake and park so it's really nice to walk there.

  4. I hope you enjoyed your cup of tea. Sounds like just the thing on a rainy day.
    That's a shame about your fudge. Always disappointing after spending the time to make it.
    Your jam combination sounds delicious. I love peaches and nectarines.
    Love the illustrations in your book. I have quite a collection of children's books and, I must admit, many of them were chosen for the beautiful illustrations.

  5. I love the geese! I don't like it when they poop all over the city park but I love seeing them in the air.

  6. Cute Book! Sometimes I call my fudge ice cream topping too..or spoon fudge:)

  7. On my early morning walk from home I saw four trumpeter swans flying over!
    Well as you know, I can relate to recipes that don't turn out! Frustrating though:(

    1. I hope I get to see a few swans again this winter. At some point I usually do.

  8. Your jam looks delicious! Too bad about the fudge. What a great Christmas book.
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  9. Hi Marigold..
    love the Christmas books too.
    ................I bet that jam is delicious!!
    Snow..well we have more..I love- love pretty...!!
    And we especially need it here because we had such a dry summer and fires ..
    .....we sure do need the snow..