Friday 11 December 2015

Random Stuff

As I walk to the park every morning I pass this yard. The people who live there decorate for each special time of the year and Christmas tops all of them.

This tree in the park is being decorated slowly. Things are added day by day.... no one ever sees those responsible. Elves, do you think?

             The wild wind we had earlier this week blew down this clump of trees.

In the kitchen I've been busy making chocolate muffins with cream cheese and a dab of cherries.
Here they are ready to go into the oven....

                         and here they are all done. My but my muffin pans look well used! *smile*

I also made these cupcakes ( from a mix) then used a melon baller  (scoop) to hollow out a spot to fill with lemon. I looked at lemon curd in the grocery store but the ingredients were sugar, water, corn syrup, THEN lemon. I was expecting something better so I just made lemon pie filling instead.
Did you guess we were having people over this evening?    We'll eat the muffins. Now I just have to put on something with no chocolate or lemon stains and light a few candles.

I hope you had a good day. I love to read your comments so don't be shy. My blog tally tells me that a lot more people are reading than commenting. I'm happy about that but I would love to get to know you.
Meanwhile, thanks for reading about my rather uneventful life!
                 Granny Marigold


  1. Hi! Don't you just love seeing all the decorations for Christmas!! The blown up ones are not my favorite but they seem to be very popular. Those muffins look so good! Glad they are not here tempting me! Enjoy! I have enough temptations! LOL Nancy

  2. Your writing style draws us in like a magnet!
    Those treats look really delicious! My favorite flavors.
    I love the idea of a tree decorated by elves.
    I hope you don't have any more high winds or your neighbor's inflatables might take flight. They must hold the record for the most blow-up Christmas decorations ever!

  3. Well, those look yummy! Hope you had fun this evening.

  4. wow, what a lot of Christmas decorations on that one yard....personally I prefer more understated but each to their own. Your lemon muffins looks delish but then anything lemon tops the list for me.

  5. I bet your guests will love the cakes! Lemon! Yum! Wow! Where do the neighbors put all that stuff when it's not Christmas?

  6. I think I like the secretly decorated tree in the park more than all those inflatables! We sure have had a lot of wind this Fall.
    Your muffins and cupcakes look really good.

  7. Your muffins look delicious! Hope you had a nice time with your guests.
    That is a very colourful Christmas display!

  8. Now...thats a family with a lot of Christmas Spirit...and its just wonderful
    And talking of wonderful...your baking looks so yum. Your guests will feel really spoilt. Have a wonderful time
    Phoebe x

  9. You must be a wonderful cook. Wish I had just one chocolate and one lemon to enjoy right now. They look delicious! I'm not crazy about those blow-up decorations either. There is a house not far from us that has an entire airport of those things. Most of the time they lay deflated on the ground.

    1. I wish I could send you some because there are some left. As for me being a good cook? Not in a million years. I'm far too haphazard with measuring or doing exactly what the recipe says. I make substitutions if I don't have the right ingredients. My reasoning is why go to a lot of bother when we're just going to eat it and it will be gone. Tomorrow I'll have to make more. Also, you'll notice that most of the food I post is sweets. That's what I love!!