Friday 10 June 2016

This and That

Bindweed is one of the most difficult invasive bad guys to ever appear in anyone's garden. It is related to Morning Glory and actually looks quite pretty and here in the park it is allowed to spread and  bloom.

On our way to the plant shop this morning we stopped at my BIL's place to drop off something and we were surprised to see he has two gorgeous roosters. No hens. Just those two. They are not friendly and have been known to attack him. Since he resscued them from becoming soup you'd think they would show some appreciation.

At the plant shop I chose lots of lovely flowers including this Coleus that has what I think are impatience planted around the base. I needed a pot to go on the North side of the house so this will do fine.

The rest of the various flowers are sun-loving. I also bought more tomato plants that were now only .49.
If tomatoes do well this year we'll have more than enough!!

The mixed pots were 4 for less than $20.

Our day started out with rain but eventually the sun shone through the clouds and I got about half of my new plants either in the ground or in pots. I'll finish the rest tomorrow.  Maybe even go to a few garage sales.

Have a lovely Saturday!!

             Thanks for visiting,   Granny Marigold


  1. I agree- those roosters should be a little more grateful and a lot less aggressive. Of course, maybe he needs to find them some girlfriends...............

  2. Beautiful flowers, hope you have some luck at the garage sales and bag yourself some bargains. I don't use a recipe for my soup I am a little slap dash and use what we have. I have got a recipe for the jam dessert I will try to find one with American measurements for you. Take care.

  3. All your new plants look lovely. I haven't planted a single thing! Have a great weekend.

  4. Can you come over to my place and plant mine too! I have things that I bought weeks ago that aren't in yet.

  5. Yes looks like Impatiens with the Coleus, I would pinch that coleus back so it doesn't flower! What a pretty bunch of plants you have to work with! :)

  6. The roosters may be aggressive but they are beautiful! So are your new flowers! Nancy

  7. Enjoy all that gardening and garage sale-ing! :)

  8. HI..
    Ha.. roosters..Love them..
    have a wonderful week..