Monday 27 June 2016

Summer Day

These lovely clouds greeted us this morning. A very hot day ( make that a hot week!!) was forecast so we were off to the blueberry field right at 8 o'clock.  Filled another 3 pails in an hour. The owners even provide buckets if you prefer to pick sitting down!!

        On the drive home I asked my DH to stop so I could take a picture of this monster home.

Here is another one under construction not far down the same road.  There wasn't much of a shoulder to park so DH took this one out the truck window. Isn't it enormous?

Once we got home and had sat down for a bit we were off to the littlest grandson's sports day. 
DH got tired standing around and went to sit on the Buddy Bench. Aren't they just the best idea?  There should be Buddy Benches for grown-ups too.

I just had to sneak in a picture of flowers.  My poor Hydrangeas don't like this hot weather and are drooping. I will have to do a lot of watering if this keeps up.
 I cut these big Mopheads and filled an old teapot that has no lid. Actually it has a big crack too. This stands on the front landing so if by chance it gets knocked off I won't be too sad. Little boys going past with backpacks can easily hook on you know.
Just three more days of school left!  Yay for summer holidays.

Happy last week in June!!  I hope you're enjoying sunny weather too.

Thanks for visiting.

Granny Marigold


  1. The weather here is a little hit and miss, the odd sunny day here and there. Beautiful arrangement, loved the old teapot too. Have a good day.

  2. I have never understood those monster houses. I wouldn't want to clean it, heat it, or pay taxes on it.
    Lucky you getting blueberries already. My bushes are loaded, but still a long way from being ripe.

  3. Love your Hydrangeas. With our lack of rain I have to keep watering ours too.
    I think Buddy Benches for grown ups are good idea too.
    Have a good week!

  4. Sitting on a bucket to pick blueberries would be fun. Such huge houses! Can you imagine keeping a house that size dusted...the way I hate to dust! The teapot filled with hydrangea blooms is beautiful!

  5. Yes I agree more buddy benches should be allowed everywhere!
    I would hate to clean those big houses...but then again they probably have a cleaning lady:)

  6. such pretty flowers..:)
    love blueberries..
    have fun..
    I don't make raspberry jam..
    do you?

  7. The bucket makes a perfect seat for blueberry picking. How nice it must be to have those fresh blueberries on hand now.
    I often wonder whether people get tired of those huge houses once the initial thrill is gone. They seem like a lot of work to me.
    Love your hydrangeas in the teapot.

  8. Beautiful hydrangeas! I wonder who lives in those huge houses. Or are they apartments? You could really rattle around in one of those! :)

  9. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous. I've been unsuccessful growing them so I'm a bit envious! Whenever I see those huge houses I wonder who washes all those windows!

  10. Can you believe how huge those houses are? I wonder how big the families are? I bet not big. Yikes!
    I love the Buddy Bench idea. I think I need one.
    Your hydrangeas are lovely, GM! Gorgeous. I'm sorry they are having a hot year. Maybe the rains will come in July. It seems like it always rained on the fourth when I was a kid. Have a great day, friend.

  11. Beautiful sky and yummy blueberries! I sure would not want a large house like that, would you? Nancy