Tuesday 21 June 2016


When my DIL was at Superstore she happened to see that in their garden center the lilies that had finished blooming for this year were marked down to $5.94 ( from 11.99).  Since I needed to go to SS anyway I went to take a look and would you believe they were now marked down a further 30%.
I picked up 2 pots of yellow and 2 of red. They are quite short, growing to only a foot or so high but they are very prolific bloomers and they spread too!  Right now the spot that I want to put them is occupied by tomato plants but I'll keep them watered and fed until the tomatoes are done. I'm quite happy to have them.

It was a quiet day around here. I did go for my CT scan of my head at the hospital because my  headaches are an ever continuing problem.              The forecast for the next few days is for showers so I guess I'll be forced to do housework.  What are you planning to do?

Thanks for coming by.

Granny Marigold


  1. Your lilies look very pretty. I am so sorry your headaches are still plaguing you. No huge plans here this week. We are visiting Kim for the weekend. Looking forward to seeing her!

  2. Hope the CT scan showed nothing serious. Bargain price for the plants, they will look amazing.

  3. How lucky you were! Around here, the plants that are reduced look awful and are about dead. Those you bought look very healthy! Headaches are awful. Hope yours go away and everything is fine.

  4. I hope your lilies grow and bloom abundantly! So hope your headaches go away and that your scan shows every thing to be fine.

  5. Hope you find some relief from your headaches. I hope it's nothing serious. Mine were all dietary. I'm so mad I had to suffer for 30 years just to find out I had food allergies.

  6. I hope you have good results from your scan, GM!
    Lilies! So lovely! Great deal!