Saturday, 25 April 2020

More This and That

This plant was given to me by someone who had no idea what it was called. After asking various plant 'experts' I finally found one who was able to identify it as Sanguinaria,  ( Bloodroot). When I look up that name it shows a plant with  single flowers with few petals so I'm not totally convinced. It blooms before any leaves grow. Here it has been in bloom about a week and only now are the leaves growing.
If I remember to water it those leaves will stay green all summer but if it dries out it will go dormant.

Turtles on a log hoping for sunshine ( it's a day of very mixed weather. Sun, rain and even hail with some thunder and lightning.  A bit of rain fell when we went walking but we had brought umbrellas.

Taken before the rain. I hope the blossoms are still there tomorrow.

This little fellow blends in very well, don't you think?

We noticed tags attached to low branches.  Each had a few encouraging words.

Does it seem to you that one day seems very much like another?  

Hopefully soon our lives will go back to whatever our new normal will be.
Have a peaceful day.

Thanks for visiting,  G.M.


  1. Totally. No idea what day it is anymore!

  2. Oh yes, the days are all a blur any more.
    I enjoyed seeing the turtles looking for the sunshine. Hope they found it at some point.
    The flowers remind me of mums in your photo. Although not the growth habit of the flowers showing up before the leaves.
    I like the sign hanging in the tree.

  3. Love those flowers....I have never seen bloodroot with that any petals either. I always love finding turtles on logs..and meant to tell you in your previous post that I loved that eagle in that first shot. Just sitting there taking in the view.

  4. We saw a bunny in our backyard... last year we had baby bunnies in one of our raised garden beds and couldn't plant anything in it! Yes, the days do all seem to blur together!

  5. Looks like you have a very special blood root. I looked it up. It's a double called Multiplex. It is a native, but not common.

  6. The Bloodroot flowers are strikingly beautiful. If it were not for my phone, I doubt I would even know the day of the week. However, it is one of those oversized iphones that is too large for my pockets so when I am outside working, I leave it inside and potter happily about. I was just thinking today how much I am missing my favorite antique mall/ flea market.

  7. Oh lovely plant! Yes, days do blur! God be with you! (Strange weather her too, colder than usual)

  8. Those flowers are so pretty. I know what you mean about all days seeming to be the same. I hear people saying that often.

  9. Most of my days are blurs - I have to keep checking my phone to see what day it is! Love your photos - have no idea what the flowers are but they are pretty :)

  10. Sadly yes the days are blurring into one. Loved the flower and a joy to see the blossom.

  11. What beautiful white flowers.
    Yes, the days go by pretty much the same.
    I have to really think what day it is!!
    Love the turtles on the log.

  12. What beautiful pictures you've shared here with us, my friend. I love reading about your walks and the things that catch your attention. And how thoughtful of the person who made all of the little tags on the low branches.

  13. Yes everyday is about the same here too:(

  14. Yes, I struggled today with remembering whether it were Thursday or Friday. Sigh. The bunny is sweet. And the tags on the tree branches - that is a very kind thing for someone to do for strangers!! Glad you got to take a lovely walk. Our weather is STILL rather cold and overcast. It doesn't feel like May at all, more like March.

  15. Yes!! Every day seems the same right now. Jerry and I are longing for Dairy Queen ice cream, which is our once a month treat that we can't get right now. *sigh* What a neat idea to hang those encouraging tags from tress! I may have to do that! ;) Blessings to you GM!!