Sunday, 1 February 2015

Anjou Pears

Are you familiar with the variety of pear called ANJOU ?  I have very occasionally bought one or two when I've craved pears and found that the Bartlet often disappoints. By the time the outside is yellow the inside is too ripe. The Anjou stays firm, almost too firm.  The internet describes the Anjou as " egg-shaped, having almost no neck. The flesh of the Anjou is white and dense having almost a citrus flavour. " I don't know about the citrus flavour but it isn't a bad-tasting fruit at all.
Son #2 had a box of these pears given to him and not being a fan of pears at all he passed them on to me. I foresee more than a few Pear Pancakes in the weeks to come.

Here, in the background ,you can see that my two .99 Primroses are still looking good!!

Walking in the park I discovered clumps of moss that someone had gathered and then discarded. Of
course I had to pick it up and bring it home. I had enough to fill this shallow dish...

and also to put under this cloche with some of my Quail eggs. I hope by misting the moss daily it will stay nice and green for a while.

Almost looks like an Easter display??  I'll have to look for more moss come April. In our damp climate moss is not hard to find. 

                                                       Granny Marigold

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  1. We like pear crumble. Just sub the pears for the apples,