Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Pine Siskins

The Pine Siskin is a North American bird, part of the finch family. It is quite tiny, very streaky brown with yellow markings. It migrates over "an extremely sporadic range" and we often will go through an entire winter without seeing a single one. Imagine my excitement when this morning a very large flock of them were in my back yard.

The two pictures above are off the internet. The one below is one I took and I am SO sorry it is not only blurry but you have to crane your neck sideways to see it. Being a techno idiot I don't know how to fix this so you'll just have to believe that all those blurry objects in the bird bath are indeed Pine Siskins. At one time the entire bird bath was full of them. Half an hour later they had disappeared. I wonder if they'll come back.
Anyway, that was my morning joy. How is your day going? 

                                                     GRANNY MARIGOLD


  1. I think they might be our state bird! Better find out! Pretty, aren't they? I love bird joy. I revel in it. Thank you for sharing!

  2. My neck went "crunch" when I looked sideways at that picture. ;)
    Glad you sighted a flock of rare birds! I had a lazy day off. Hoping to top it off with some reading and knitting. Enjoy yourself!