Sunday, 22 February 2015

Random Stuff

I know... it's not a great title for today's post but random it definitely is!

The first two photos are of lovely old trees being cut down to make way for a new ( probably huge) house to be built on the site where now there is a small bungalow. This place is next to the house directly opposite our house. 

                      I managed to get this pic just as the top of the tree was falling!
                       This was the next day and the clouds had moved in, hence the dark pic.

Several of my bird houses need refurbishing and this one was one of them. My DH gave it a new coat of paint and I attached the pewter Hummingbirds and heart ( from an old wind chime ) using Liquid Nail which is suitable for outdoor "gluing".  This particular birdhouse is almost always used by Chickadees to raise their family. It used to be home to House Sparrows but DH put a circle of wood around the hole to make it too small for the Sparrows to get through. I hope the Chickadees won't be put off by the pewter heart that I glued over the hole!

I picked up this basket at a garage sale for .50  . I had some crocheted pieces with blue trim that I've had for some time and I used them as a liner then went around choosing tea cups that had blue flowers that I thought would look sweet in it.

At a garage sale I found a heavy old duvet cover, lovely, but with ugly stains. It was free so I took it home and cut out some areas that were not stained and sewed this pillow cover. I have very little talent for sewing so am quite proud of my pillow. I hot glued a pearl heart in the middle. The heart had a plastic loop on top so you could hang it but I broke that off and stuck a large pearl in the empty spot.  You can just barely see that this pearl is not as white as the heart.

Last, but not least, I got this adorable trio of teddies to add to my collection. Aren't they cute?

I hope you had a pleasant and restful weekend. Happy last Monday of February !!!



  1. Very nice. Your pillows look wonderful and I really love the black bear.

    1. Thanks! The black bear is my favourite of these three too. Maybe because he is SO soft.