Thursday, 20 August 2015

Mostly Flowers

It has been a week of sadness and happiness mixed. A SIL who had been very ill for some months passed away and that was the sad part. Family came together...my husband's 7 siblings came to support their youngest brother. There were tears and there was also a lot of visiting because they haven't all been together since their mother's funeral and that was quite a long time ago. 

Our weather has temporarily turned coolish and we're thankful for that. I brought in the three gourds that were hanging on the trellis. Now it looks like the beginning of Fall decorating!!

I bought these two Fall arrangements in baskets and I tried elevating one on an upside down pot but now I find I don't like that effect so off it will come.
I'm hoping many of the individual plants will make it through the winter and I'll be able to use them in different ways next Spring.  The pink tinged grass in the one pot looks suspiciously like invasive ribbon grass. Must remember not to put that into the ground anywhere.

                  the zinnias are still blooming

           and the brown-eyed Susans

and the Rudbeckias.... So many of the late summer/fall blooming flowers are in shades of yellow it seems.

My DDIL was shopping this morning and brought me an early birthday present.  The photos for each month are so awesome. I love the annual ritual of transferring all the birthdays and anniversaries over to the next year's calendar.  Then I hang it next to the phone in the kitchen/diningroom and that is where every appointment or event is recorded.

Thanks for coming by and seeing how things are in my little corner of the world.

      Granny Marigold


  1. I'm so sorry about the loss of your SIL, GM.
    Your flowers are lovely and I'm so glad to hear the weather has cooled a bit.

  2. Hi! I am sorry for the loss of your sister-in-law. May God comfort you all. Your flowers look nice. I still have the brown eyed susans or rudbeckia blooming. Not sure which i have and some of the zinnias. It is beginning to look like fall though and even feeling like it at times. Nancy

  3. I'm so sorry about your sister in law's passing.
    I love your fall flowers, so pretty. I also like the ritual of writing important dates on a new calendar. Ours also hangs in the kitchen, now that we are retired we have to write things on the calendar so we don't forget!

  4. So sorry about your SIL. I see you cheered yourself up a bit with a stop an Devan;-) I've put that jam jar in a box of jam, so it will get left in the market trailer for the 29th. Your flowers are very cheery:)

  5. So sorry about the passing of your SIL.
    Your flowers are gorgeous!
    We have finally cooled down too. Looking forward to a nice weekend.
    Take care!

  6. May peace and love envelope your family as God's love envelopes your sister-in-law. You are such a talented gardener. Beautiful flowers!

  7. My sympathies as well on the passing of your SIL. Very special though that all the family came and gathered around to support your BIL.
    What a lovely early birthday present you received, dear GM....how will you be celebrating this occasion????

    1. I'm not supposed to know anything about anything so..... Will let you know after the weekend.

  8. My sympathy in the death of your sister in law. Summer always feels so full of life with all the flowers blooming but I guess there is no good time to die:(