Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Thrifty Tuesday

My first treasure this week is a pretty mug that comes with an infuser insert and even a lid to keep your tea hot. I have absolutely no idea what the writing on the mug says but I hope it's something lovely.  Cost me all of fifty cents.  Now if only I liked mint tea more I could use all the mint that thrives in the back but that I never use.

The other treasures are books. Aren't books the best treasures anyway?

Fancy Feet is written by a local young woman who was in a terrible car accident and was burned over 50% of her body. The accident ( caused by an irresponsible and speeding 17 year old) cost her both her legs. Although I've never met her, her brother has been a friend of my sons for many years.

Although the book is gripping me so far, it is not easy to read. You feel her terror as she lies there in the burn unit month after month. I know in the end she gets "better" and goes on to have a full life. As I read it helps to remember that.

I have a friend who speaks highly of John MacArthur so when I saw this book I bought it but so far haven't opened it. I'm sure it will prove to be very inspiring. 

I hope you have time to sit in the shade and read this week.

            Thanks for visiting,    Granny M.


  1. I have a hard time sitting down to read. I have however, ordered two books from Amazon that I am looking forward to reading.

  2. Hi! I have mint too and just gave some away today. I don't seem to like it to make into a tea. It is thriving this year but is in a container so that is a good thing! I have a cup similar to yours but mine has flowers and butterflies on it. You can imagine yours is saying all kinds of lovely things!!!! Nancy

  3. Great buys! I have a stack of books waiting to be read. Maybe in the winter!

  4. oh such a cute tea keeper (:)
    the black shrug..is good yes ..am leaning toward a cream color right now ..LOL
    ..not sure yet.

  5. Well you can just use the infuser part to make it easier to get your tea bag out if you make tea that way:) I remember that accident, those poor young women, horrible.:(

  6. My granddaughter downloaded an app that translates and apparently the two words on the top of the lid are OLD FRIEND.