Saturday, 29 August 2015

Strong wind storm and cactus

We certainly have had an interesting day weather wise. At 4:30 this morning we had an earthquake ( I believe it was a magnitude 2.6, nothing big, but at least 2 people in this house felt it).   Then we had rain and wind. The gusts were very strong and power outages everywhere. Traffic lights out. You know how that goes.  DH had  a chance to try out the  generator he bought recently with just this kind of storm in mind.

The Cactus part of my post is inspired by Debi at Barefoot Mom who posted about her Pencil Cactus. This summer I got a piece of a very big old Cactus and I managed to get it to root. It's only 5 inches high but if it is the pencil variety they grow very fast ( for a cactus).

Might as well post pics of my other Cacti. I'm not sure why I even like them because beautiful they're not. Maybe because they ask for so little.

               Then there's my Christmas Cactus. It's taking up a lot of space.

The wind is still blowing although not as wildly. Tomorrow there will be a lot of pine branches to pick off the ground and the porch is absolutely covered with pine needles. I am so thankful for a good vacuum.

I hope your Saturday was a pleasant one. 

Granny Marigold


  1. We heard you were getting a big storm. Glad you are o.k. We have a Christmas Cactus too. It hasn't bloomed in a couple years though. Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. The wind really blew, I hear! Our Samantha Rose wanted a cactus the other day, so I bought it for her. She LOVES plants, even cacti!

  3. Maybe because they are so different, we don't appreciate the beauty of the cactus, but you have certainly done something right to get them to grow to such good health! Phil/ Eagle Bend, MN.

  4. I love your Christmas cactus... I hope that someday mine is that big! I'm not sure about the pencil cactus... mine has very, very thin spikes (or arms or whatever they are called) I've never seen a mature one so I don't know if they get bigger. I Googled it and the photos of them are very different, so it could be. I couldn't figure out how to post the pics here... sorry.