Monday, 10 August 2015

Yellow Roses

I'm enjoying my DIL's roses while she's gone on holiday ( she did say I could cut them). These lovelies smell as wonderful as they look and I had fun taking photos of them in the dining room and then in the living room.  Hope you enjoy seeing them.

                                                    Granny Marigold


  1. I simply adore yellow roses as well and have several in my garden. Love the pretty displays you have made, they are just perfect.

  2. Gorgeous yellow roses! And they look so lovely among your pretty things. :)

  3. Beautiful yellow roses and tea cups! My husband would like a yellow rose bush. Ours are all shades of pink which I love! Nancy

  4. Those yellow roses are simply amazing. I don't have a yellow rose. That will be on my list for next spring. The baked goods in your last post look delicious! I want to bake bread like that. That is something I never learned to do.

    1. Henny, if I can bake it so can you. I am not what you would call talented in cooking and baking but I keep trying because I like eating. One of the reasons maybe that my stuff doesn't always turn out could be because I make over recipes to suit me and I often don't ,measure the way I should. I must say though, that a breadmaker is pretty useful to me. I never actually bake the bread in it but I use it to make the dough.

  5. Your roses are beautiful! Very pretty with your teacups.