Sunday 27 April 2014

A Quiet Sunday

What strange weather we have had today. Some sunshine, then showers, then hail, and back to sun again. The breeze was very chilly and I'm afraid it did my tulips and daffs no good at all.  Luckily I took this picture yesterday. 
 Because it didn't warm up much I had a very relaxing day inside, doing not much at all. Finished reading one book, started another. Browsed some favourite blogs and just had a nice, quiet Sunday. 

These cheerful yellow flowers are "Leopard's Bane" or, DORICUM. They are among the oldest flowers grown just as ornamentals as opposed to those grown for practical purposes such as herbs.
They are very easy to grow and they spread, but don't become invasive.

This Clematis is the very first of mine to bloom and this year is very full of buds. It is a shorter one than most and its name is "Willy".  Its flowers are very pale pink with a hint of yellow inside. 

Hope your Sunday was a good one and that your week will be too!

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