Friday 11 April 2014

Flowery Friday

Here I am at my favourite nursery consulting my list of plants I want. Unfortunately I didn't find that many that were on the list but I did find lots that weren't and that I just had to buy!  Obviously it is a bit too early in the season for some kinds to be available so I'll just have to go back.

                My cart is beginning to get crowded!

                    In the back of the truck.
     This is my little Primrose corner by the picket fence in the front yard. Well, actually it's municipal  property but I've sort of appropriated it for more plants.

 These are the Primula  Auricula that I found this morning in various colours. I chose four and planted them out with the "Drumstick" Primroses I bought last year.  I used to have these but one winter they all died and I've been looking for new ones ever since. They are supposedly hardy so it was most likely the damp that got them rather than cold.

   Here are the Drumstick Primroses  ( P. Denticulata)  They were supposed to be assorted colours but mine all turned out to be light purple. Since I got them on sale after they had bloomed I didn't find out until this Spring what colour they would be. 
 Finally here are two miniature Dahlias that I'll put in a pot eventually. That reminds me, I need to get one of my sons to go down into the creepy, spider- infested root cellar and get out my regular Dahlia tubers.
Okay, I've gone on long enough about plants for one day. But I do have more pictures for another day!      I hope you have a great week end.   ( AND I hope you leave a comment).
       Granny Marigold


  1. How funny that we both spent similar days! Love the primroses.

  2. Wow! Looks like you had a rewarding and satisfying trip! The primroses are certainly my downfall every spring (who can resist them?) although we don't have much luck overwintering them in our zone 2b. I hope in your next posting you'll share some tips on how you manage to keep your dahlia tubers successfully over winter in your cellar....mine are all shrivelled up. I have no idea if they're still viable.
    Regards, Ellabie