Sunday 13 April 2014

Random thoughts

I've been rereading one of my Gladys Taber books," The Best of Stillmeadow" and just enjoying her thoughts and finding them very relaxing.  She writes about her love of Lilacs:  "I am sure heaven is bounded by a white picket fence that never needs painting, and with lilacs always in bloom hanging deep clusters over it."
I. too, absolutely love lilacs and find their season far too short. Since it will be some time yet before they bloom I'll have to be content with other flowers. The ones in the little boot by the front door are not real ones. The Ivy behind them is real and I'm hoping it will climb up the metal trellis.

A few of the tiny Violas I bought last Friday ended up potted up in some of my odd tea cups. ( Well, they're not really odd, they just have no saucers). 

           Here is a pretty trio  on the tiled table out on the porch.

A pot of Pansies with a couple of concrete rabbits hanging around. Just to the left you get a glimpse of the Zinnias in peat pots.

I still haven't found a pot I like to put these Dahlias in. I should have gotten three. It's easier to put them in that way.  Oh dear!  I must go back!!   teehee

I have been asked about my Dahlia tubers and how I keep them over the winter. Like I mentioned, we have an old cellar beneath my garden shed. This shed used to be a pumphouse when this was a farm.
We store all sorts of odd things down there including Dahlia and Gladiola tubers/bulbs because it never goes below freezing . I use old 5 gallon buckets and layer sawdust or peat moss with the tubers and they keep very well.
  The weather this Sunday is absolutely perfect with the temperature in the low 20's and no clouds in the sky.  I've been puttering outside and I think I may even have ever-so-slightly burnt my face. Don't you hate having to wear a sun hat?   On that note I will close and go read some more Gladys Taber.



  1. I enjoy reading Gladys Taber's books too! Your flowers are so pretty!

  2. oh pretty flowers Marigold(:)
    me too love lilacs..they smell so good next flower to plant is a love them