Thursday 3 April 2014

Flowery Friday

Remember the salt shaker that I was going to enlarge the top holes?  Well, now it is just the right size to hold these Hellebore blossoms ( and a Scilla which snuck in).

                                          More Daffodils!!

I treated myself to some deep orange Gerberas . I think they pick up the colour in my thrifted plate. The redddish flower on the plate is actually the exact deep orange of the real flowers.  The little ceramic purse is also a thrifted treasure which has been given a bit of a touch-up.

 This little gem is Primrose Belarina Nectarine. Found her at Home Depot and it was love at first sight. Isn't she a beauty?

There she is again behind the Angels Gather Here sign. I hope she'll like the location and stick around for many years to come. 

Just one more flower picture and this is a Pansy that made it through the winter and is happy for the sunshine we've had for a couple of days. Although tonight the sky is dark and the clouds look full of more rain!
                 Happy Friday!!    Granny Marigold


  1. My but you inspire me to think gardening and flowers. Like you, I think your new Primrose is absolutely lovely and I do hope she will grace you with her blossoms for a long time. In fact, I might just go see if there are some of these exact Primroses in our Home Depot. I have just the spot for them.....
    Regards, Ellabie