Sunday 5 February 2017

Andy Goldsworthy

The snow has kept me  somewhat housebound and I have spent some interesting time looking up things on the internet that I ordinarily don't take time to do. I found this amazing natural art made by a man called Andy Goldsworthy.  Just look at some of the things he has created and if it intrigues you like it did me you can google him and see many more of his creations. There are also some youtube videos to see. Let me know  what you think of this.

Thanks for visiting.

                 Granny Marigold


  1. I really like the first picture!
    Quite the snow we have got, hey? It can leave any time....

  2. Love the twigs, it looks like the entrance to a little fairy dell.

  3. Hi G.M, we heard your city was getting quite a bit of snow. Smart to stay home!
    Love these photos! I must look him up.
    Stay safe!

  4. Very interesting and very different. I really liked the first picture!

  5. I haven't gone to the link yet...

    But these pictured, are soooooo cooool.

    thank you for sharing these, with us.

    Luna Crone

  6. That first picture is interesting. I don't know if I would choose to do that in my yard as it reminds me of a tail of a snake! I like the bottom picture which looks like a nest to me. Nancy

  7. I like his creations, especially the last picture.

  8. I love Andy Goldsworthy, but I had forgotten about him for a while. My children gave me a coffee table book of his photographs many years ago and you make me want to get it out and look again. But of course, he's created many more beautiful scenes since then, and I appreciate the mention of those videos that I could see. Thank you!

  9. Nice pictures, I like the third one best x