Tuesday 28 February 2017


..........and lovely Spring weather.  We had a couple of inches of snow again yesterday although it is melting now. I am so ready for warm sunshine!  Must go buy some Daffodils to keep me content until mine can peek out from the snow again ( they actually were growing before this latest snow).

Thanks for popping by. 

             Granny Marigold


  1. Oh my, I hope it won't be long until your daffodils are able to put on their show for you.

  2. I'm glad March is here. You grow such beautiful flowers, I know you will be glad when the weather warms up. Now they are saying we could have freezing weather this coming Saturday...28 degrees!

  3. My great granddaughter gave be a small pot of daffodils this past weekend. They brighten the day!!

  4. March is supposed to come in like a lamb, but that lamb will be shivering.

  5. Hope its not too long before the snow has gone and the daffodils continue to push through the soil.

  6. Happy March to you! I imagine you are more than ready to see the end of this winter.
    Hope you found your daffodils!

  7. Oh my, you did get snow!!!!

    We will too, some time. Even though today is mild, cloudy, with showers.

    Happy March!

  8. HI..:)
    oh love the pretty banner and springy post Marigold..:)
    yup..is is suppose to get to 50 F today..
    oh wow --it has been such a long winter ,huh?

  9. March seems to be halfway between a lamb and a lion this morning. We got 5" of snow, but thankfully not much left of it now.

  10. March has certainly come in like a lion here on the prairies with windchills going to -37C tonight with predicted -34C windchills for tomorrow. Brrrr! The bright sunshine is quite deceiving. Hopefully this will be the last of our winter weather!