Friday 3 March 2017

Friday Flowers and Bunnies

It's a very wet day and after breakfast my DH suggested we go to the Plant shop we like, the one out of town, that just opened up for the season.  There were so many good prices and so much temptation, well, you know I gave in.  Some of these plants are destined for outside once the weather cooperate, others will stay in my sunroom.

The bulb in the bag is a Begonia Pendula Red. If I'm lucky it will grow and thrive, eventually looking like the picture below.  In the Fall I can store the bulb like I store Dahlias etc.. and hopefully have it grow year after year.

              I've been invaded by the Springtime Bunnies. They sit on the stairs.....

               ...and they perch on my bed.

Thanks for visiting,

             Have a great week end. 

                                Granny Marigold


  1. I love all your bunnies. I have a few too.
    Oh, to be shopping for plants! Lucky you! The earliest our local plant centre opened was March 31. We had an extremely mild winter that year. Who knows, maybe it will open that early this year?
    Take care.

  2. It is a miserable day isn't it, and this weekend sounds as bad, with that dreaded S word in the forecast. I was thinking myself it would be fun to go to that nursery, and see some nice colourful plants.

  3. Aw! Cute bunnies! I have my eye on one at Pottery Barn Kids. I think she's probably way too expensive for my budget, but she is so adorable! Yours are very adorable, too!
    Wow! What a plant purchase. I wish our growing season wasn't so short. Boo.

  4. Last week it was in the 50s and 60s here so I bought the stuff to start my garden plants. Since I bought that stuff it has been bitter cold here... so I'm going to wait a little longer to start my seeds. Happy weekend!

  5. What a pretty bunch of flowers! I hope you can be outside soon! We still have about 8 plus weeks of winter, so I will enjoy your flowers!! :(

  6. You are ready for spring, if it ever warms up.

  7. Spring has sprung at your house. The flowers are all so pretty and those bunnies :). Funny how they just pop up all over the place, isn't it?

  8. Love your sweet bunnies!! Spring is in the air, time for flowers!!!

  9. Lucky you can purchase plants, already.

    Awwwwww, cute Spring time bunnies!!!!!

  10. All those plants and packages make such a pretty colorful picture. I love all the bunnies! Oh, I've been meaning to tell you. My little Penny gave birth to one very large baby bunny. It was dead when I checked on her. I felt very sorry for her. I have all three bunnies separated for now. I think it would be best is she doesn't have babies again any time soon.

  11. "Granny Marigold"
    Since I, like you, do not "reply" to comments, in my own blog comments..... And since I just did reply to your comment, in this blog entry.... I will copy it below... Because I never expect anyone, to return to a blog, a second time, to read possible comments. :-)

    ("I realize we only post what we WANT others to know").

    Ohhhh, that is a whole topic, in itself, isn't it!!!???!!!! What are individual blogger's *choices,* as to what they post? How much of our real self, do we portray, in our blogs??

    Some blogs seem like "Dear Diary" type. ~~~~ Some concentrate on one aspect, of the blogger's life... Like crafts, or food, or decorating, or pets, or children, or grandchildren. ~~~~~~ And some blogs, are all-over-the-place, like mine! ,-)

    It's an individual call. And the differences, make blogging, such a wonderful mosaic.

    Thank you,
    Luna Crone

  12. A DH indeed to make such a suggestion, and what lovelies you brought home! I almost bought a begonia plant when I was at the nursery last week, but then I thought about the one I have, that I should pay closer attention to and love better, before I increase my responsibilities :-)