Wednesday 29 March 2017

Jam, Jelly, and a Saucer

Hello friends,  How are you on this middle-of-the-week day?
The relentless rain is.... well, relentless. We have set a new record for rainfall in 24 hours for yesterday and probably today as well. On to more pleasant subjects....

I've mentioned often that my middle son manages a complex that consists of town houses and an apartment building. The tenants, especially in the apartments, are mostly older people ( my age??) and they really appreciate him. They often send him home with gifts of homemade jams etc.  which is exactly what happened today. He asked me if I was interested in having them since his little family wasn't nearly done the last jams. Of course I said yes. We have toast every morning and although we make our jam it's a treat to taste jam made by someone else.

(My old flour sifter is in the picture just because. I never have used it but I like the way it looks.)

In the lobby of the apartment there is a table where people put anything they don't want, often books or magazines they've finished and wish to pass on to someone else. Sometimes there will be dishes and this pretty saucer was up for grabs. My son knows my love of all things china so he brought it home to see if I wanted it.  It just so happened that one of my "orphan" cups is a good match. The cup is made by Paragon and the saucer by Adderley. To my eyes they make a good  enough match.

I hope you're enjoying your Wednesday afternoon/evening..  Many of you are in time zones later than I so when I finally get to my computer the day is well spent for you. I almost never even start my computer before the afternoon. Too tempting to sit and read blogs instead of doing housework!!

Thanks for visiting today.

         Granny Marigold


  1. Beautiful cup & saucer....and I think they are a perfect match!

  2. Pretty cup and saucer. We are in for lots of rain here for a few days. Ugh. Nancy

  3. Pretty! You are the queen of cups and saucers!

  4. I'm smitten with that flour sifter.
    I don't think I've ever sifted flour-but that beauty would find a home on my counter.

  5. I had the same flour sifter at one time! I didn't use mine either...just loved the picture of the cherries on it. :) I finally ended up passing it on to someone else.

    How nice that people think of your son and pass on goodies to him. The jams and jellies look so yummy.

    Love it that your orphan cup now has its own saucer. Both are very pretty and delicate looking.

  6. Obviously, the people in the complex he manages, appreciate him. Which is lovely! For them and for him.

    -grin- I am always referring to people, as "old"... When I am surely old too! -blush- LOL!!!!!

    I get on the computer, first thing in the morning! So you can see where my mornings go! ,-) But it works out for me, so it is fine. We each do our life patterns, as suits us. :-)

  7. I have that same flour sifter! Nice that the elderly appreciate your son:)

  8. Rain must be getting very old for you by now. We had a rainy day yesterday and today isn't looking much different.
    I can well imagine why your son is so appreciated at the complex. I like how he shared his surplus jam with you. I also like that idea for the sharing table. The saucer looks like a near perfect match to your tea cup.
    I hope the sun finds you over the weekend.

  9. Hi Granny Marigold, what generous people! Lovely homemade jam is the best. Your son is so kind to share.
    The saucer is a perfect match for the cup!
    Have a good weekend!

  10. Lovely finds! Hope you enjoy the sunshine today... before the rain starts up again :)
    - Sheila

  11. WoW, the cup and saucer look like a perfect match! I love homemade jelly, hope you enjoy every bite of all three jars!!

  12. How wonderful that everyone shares their tasty gifts and how lovely the cup and saucer are!

  13. How nice that your orphan cup now has a saucer! I love that people share things they don't want.