Friday, 24 March 2017

Thrifty buys

Today is a day of mixed weather; one minute the sun is shining and the next it's raining again. About all I did outside was some tidying up in my garden shed. In winter I tend to shove whatever might come in handy through the door and eventually I can't even get inside so it needed a good sorting out.

My granddaughter ( the cheery one that was trying out the tub in her aunt's condo) came to trim my and also my DH's hair. She does a great job.

During a recent visit to the thrift store I found this cute fondue set. The bowl might hold a cup and a half if it were totally full so it really is a one cup bowl. I thought the 2 younger grands would like a chocolate fondue ( who doesn't??) I've only ever had cheese fondue and it was tasty... and fun too.

I almost didn't buy this Mary Englbreit cup and saucer since I've sort of quit collecting ME things. Then I gave in and bought it . Came home and got my others out. Maybe I'll change my kitchen windowsill display and put these there.

Thanks for visiting. I love to read your comments and appreciate every one.

Granny Marigold


  1. You find and collect such interesting things in your "thrifty" shopping.

  2. Those are all some cheery china you have found. I didn't know about the ME cups and saucers, they look like fun. It was my morning out at two thrift stores that were having half price sales, I enjoyed myself ;-)

  3. I love your teacup collection, they will make a very pretty window display. I have that same fondue set only it is green! And I think the candle holder part is lost. Fondue is fun your grands will love it!

  4. I'm sure the "grands" will love Chocolate Fondue. :-)

    Oh so cute ME cups and saucers. Yes, they would be fun, for decorating your window sill....

  5. How nice it will be to have your garden shed all cleaned up for the upcoming season.
    That fondue set is so cute. Does it melt the chocolate from just a candle flame?
    I do believe that tea cup and saucer had your name on it. What a lovely collection. I have never seen ME dishes of any kind before.

  6. Hi Granny Marigold, you always find such wonderful things thrift shopping and at great prices too.
    We don't have a shed here at our new home so I am very limited to what I can bring home. The garage is off limits as it houses the Mustang!
    Take care.

  7. Your ME cups are very cute. You figure out ways to incorporate thrift store finds without getting all hoard-y. You inspire me to go thrifting!
    I hope the rains don't overdo it.

  8. Love, love, love your cups and saucers! I love to go 'junkin' aka thrift store shopping.

    1. I love thrift stores too, you found some treasures.😂 I particularly like old tea cups, too.

      I just noted you are in BC. Hello neighbour, we live on Vancouver Island.🌷

      Have a super week.

  9. Yes that is perfect for a chocolate fondue!! TRy bananas sliced! Have fun! :)

  10. Chocolate fondue sounds like a fun treat! You found some cute things. I haven't been to the thrift store for a bit. It's always a fun way to spend an afternoon! :)

  11. Love your Mary Engelbreit cups! Chocolate fondue sounds yummy, well anything chocolate sounds yummy! Lol Nancy

  12. Your fondue kit is really the colors. And I really like the ME cups/saucers that you have. I love all things ME! She has such a talent for putting pictures and words together that just belong together. :)

  13. I had never before seen even one ME teacup, so your collection is especially charming to me - When I come for tea one day will you serve me in one of them? ;-)

  14. We will sit out on the porch on the swing and you can choose which cup you want to have your tea served in. I'll make sure there are cookies to go along with the tea.

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